JoomMedia ChangeLog v1.1.5

v1.1.5 (30/04/2019)


  • Empty folders not removed if media item is completely removed.
  • Wrong media items order when navigating true modal gallery

v1.1.4 13/01/2019


  • Some php notices when running CLI [Cron Job]
  • Component params should not be merged with menu params in CLI mode [Cron Job]
  • Youtube autoplay don't work [Youtube remote plugin]
  • Close button in popup don't show [Lightbox mode]
  • Next and prev button should be clicked 2 times problem [Lightbox mode]

v1.1.3 20/11/2018


  • Merge global params with menu params automatically
  • Display style option moved to top in albums and categories views


  • Comments not displayed in komento module [Komento integration]
  • Search page always return empty items [Search view]
  • Wrong string names in content and search plugins [Language strings]
  • Wrong search plugin class name [Search plugin]
  • Wrong community plugin class name [Community plugin]
  • Category display style don't work in menu item option

v1.1.2 20/09/2018


  • Komento integration was not working
  • Videos module can't be saved

v1.1.1 11/09/2018


  • Modules and plugins not installed automatically

v1.1.0 11/08/2018

New Features

  • Kaltura platform integration
  • Vzaar platform integration
  • Autopost to twitter


  • ID columns width is too small [Backend]
  • Prevent Youtube remote plugin from adding tags automatically

v1.0 01/05/2018

  • Initial version