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Version: 5.1.0 Release Date: 06 April 2024

JoomHelpdesk is the most complete customer support software for Joomla, With this effective and efficient solution you will be able to implement, manage and create a flexible customer support solution, efficient for both customers and support staff.


JoomHelpdesk Pro Edition
/ 1 year

12 months free software updates and support

Unlimited Installations

Open source & Lifetime software usage

Priority Support (1 domain)

JoomHelpdesk Developer Edition
/ 2 years

24 months free software updates and support

Unlimited Installations

Open source & Lifetime software usage

Priority Support (1 domain)

Tickets Support

  • Each support request is raised as a ticket by your customer, they don't have to be logged in to your website to do this - the email address they supply will be issued with a password which they can then use to track the progress of their ticket. 
  • Tickets can be automatically directed to handlers based on department, product or category.

Customize your support

  • All areas of the support process are entirely customizable to ensure you can have the best fit - from products and departments to the status of a ticket and it's priority, you decide.

Email Integration

  • The initial support request from a user can be submitted via email and will generate a ticket to ensure it is tracked and replied to.
  • Settings you choose will provide users and handlers with email notifications each time a ticket is created or an action is taken. The email templates are WYSIWYG editable so can be changed easily to stay up to date with your business.
  • Users and handlers can either reply to tickets via email or by logging in to your website.

Ticket handler list view

  • Tickets can be listed in the way you prefer, based on the fields you have set within it.
  • Fields can be turned or or off to be included in search functions, enabling ticket handlers to perform searches on any relevant information field within a ticket.

Process forwarding, private administrator comments

  • Assign your ticket handlers with which product, department and category tickets they can deal with. This will determine how the system distributes tickets to handlers. Tickets can be forwarded to other departments, handlers or users as required.
  • Other features include full audit trail available for every ticket raised and private comments can be added to a ticket by a handler which the user will not see.

Customizable fields

  • Tickets are fully customizable, with unlimited fields for information display or input available.
  • Custom field permissions are assigned by you, allowing user see and edit, user see handler edit or only handler see and edit options.
  • An easy plugin system is available to create your own custome field types.

Full language / ACL support

  • Full multi language support allows our components to fully integrate with a multi language website.
  • Joomla! Access control list support (ACL) allows you to restrict parts of your support system based on the user's Joomla! group.

Ticket groups

  • With highly customizable permissions, ticket groups simply allows a set of users to share tickets.


  • Customizable throughout including multiple view options
  • Multiple categories available
  • Category listing module
  • FAQs editable on the frontend and backend of your website
  • Search FAQs including Joomla! search integration
  • Featured FAQs view
  • FAQ tags - group together similar FAQs


  • Testimonials can be written directly on your website
  • Full moderation and captcha 
  • Both general and product specific sections
  • Module to list testimonials
  • Moderate testimonials in the dedicated section or anywhere they are seen on your website.

Knowledge Base

  • Library of articles grouped by product and nested categories. 
  • Rate and comment on articles, search or browse by rating or comment
  • Attach files to articles
  • Easy print article button available
  • Customizable view modes


  • A glossary of terms used on your website. 
  • Tooltips highlights glossary terms throughout your website
  • Can be displayed on one page or grouped by letter
  • Joomla! content plugin to display anywhere on site
  • Content plugin is not required to display in Freestyle components


  • List of announcements displayed
  • Optional display of user comments
  • Includes a module to display the most recent announcements

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