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  3. Saturday, 16 September 2017
Hi there,
We have just paid for your product & have experienced several bugs listed below, with associated screenshots attached for each...
Bug 1. An error is shown in the Admin JoomVideo backend portal saying "Click here to synchronize Joomla! Users with JoomVideos. (This message appear only in new JoomVideos installation)" Even if the sync has been done, the message still remains
Bug 2. The same message is shown to Registered Users who use the Upload page in the FrontEnd portal
Bug 3. Even with SuperAdmin permissions, website users trying to use the Upload feature receive a "You are not authorised to view this resource." message
Bug 4. In the Admin backend portal, under Reasons, attempting to Delete or modify an entry results in a database error "Table 'joomla.#__joomvideos_reasons' doesn't exist"
Bug 5. Still in the Admin backend portal, under Reports, results in a database error "Class 'JoomvideosControllerjoomvideos' not found"

Appreciate any feedback on the above, some of which are key functionality to enabling most website content

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