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  1. yves boisselier
  2. JoomProject
  3. Saturday, 02 February 2019
I would like to monitor this type of activities:
- I have different communities like a network of organisations which are managing sub-organisations
- each of these sub organisations can have clients and they need to manage projects for their clients.
- a project can include several phases which can run in parallel for some of the phases
- for each phase I need to record a set of several key performance indicators (chosen from a library of KPIs and then recording a score and a comment), this set of KPIs is then monitored over a period of time (i.e. that the scores+comments are stored for set of KPIs each time a monitoring action is done).
- then I may want to access the corresponding data (depending on user's rights) and use them for calculations and/or graphs.

So, in terms of questions:
1°) is it possible to implement the structure of communities of organisations/sub-organisations + Clients / Projects + Phases + monitoring periods?
2°) is it possible to define customised fields and set of fields (for instance within a task).
3°) is it possible to define a library of KPIs and to re-use them into customised fields (like the set of labels for the scores/comments to be collected in the custom fields added to a task)?
4°) is it possible to access the stored data and use them for calculations/graphs?
Please let me know what would be possible and what would need specific code (and in the case of specific case, if you are are to provide the corresponding service)?
5°) is it possible to nest tasks?

Thanks in advance
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