1. Amy Christian
  2. Easy Jobs Manager
  3. Wednesday, 06 February 2019
Easy Jobs Manager needs documentation. Many of the back-end fields aren't self evident.

For example, while creating New Company the purpose of the following fields aren't clear:

  • Actvity
  • Street number (1)
  • Street number (2)
  • Receive News
  • Receive Notifications
  • Is Partner
  • G2 Enabled
  • G2 FTP URL
  • G2 FTP User
  • G2 FTP Password

Improvements for the following fields:

Form: Should include the following options:

  • Non-profit organisation
  • Government institution
  • Educational Institution

Employees: What if you don't know the number of employees? There should be a blank option

District: "State" maybe a better label for this

In the Component Settings we can't select

  • Language Option
  • Country Option
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