1. Sarrene
  2. JoomProject
  3. Tuesday, 07 January 2020
Good afternoon,
I have a request for a Change log function/feature for JoomProject. This is the one functionality that is missing that I know most software and or web developers would love. I would not even mind paying for this as an expansion/plugin for JP.

I have searched the forum and I found an old post from several years ago. Though I am not sure exactly what the functionality was, I am not able to find it on the site anywhere under Products. (I might have missed it)

I have a mock-up that might help explain a bit better. The concept is to be form that would "add" to a table list. It would both back-end parameters as well as front end accessibility for staff within the correct group or permissions.


Primary functionality that it would need would be:
- Configure permissions by joomla groups
-- Access back end
-- Access/view front end
-- Create new
-- Edit Own
-- Delete Own
-- Edit Others
-- Delete Others

- Configure Change type (Allow admins to add/customize the change types
- Configure Category (allow admins to add/customize the categories)
- Allow task selection based on the project selected (include link to that task)
- Automatic date creation/timestamp
- Automatically fill in Authors User Name
- Export to CSV
- Configure sort filters

Front End
- Select project to view entries
- Filter of columns
- Drop down selection for Change type
- Drop down selection for Category type
- Input field for Patch Notes
- Drop down select for task list based on Project
- Automatic timestamp for when entry is saved
- Automatic UserName added

It is possible that Milestone could be included as well for the top option to select next to "Select Project". I did not add that into the mock-up or the list above.

I wish I had more time, I would help develop this, however with all the hats I am wearing I do not have time. It does appear that most (not all) of the very basic functionality is in the current JP. The area I would have difficulty in would be the backend configuration.

I am willing to pay for this, and I am sure many others would really appreciate it as well and pay! It would really round and make JoomProject almost perfect!

Thank you kindly,
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