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  Tuesday, 31 August 2021
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I get these errors on the front end while trying to play a video:

  1. /Undefined property: stdClass::$text in plugins/content/joomvideos/joomvideos.php on line 35

  1. Undefined property: stdClass::$text in plugins/content/loadmodule/loadmodule.php on line 45

/joomvideos.php on line 35 reads:
if (strpos($article->text, '{joomvideos id=') === false)

/loadmodule.php on line 45 reads:
if (strpos($article->text, 'loadposition') === false && strpos($article->text, 'loadmodule') === false)

Can someone tell me what needs to be adjusted here?

Screenshot 2021-08-31 130106.jpg
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