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  Tuesday, 19 April 2022
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In workflow, we have a potential customer call. We enter in that information in JoomCRM. We then go over particulars of the client's interest and Close a Deal. We would then like for JoomProject to be populated "automatically" with the customer contact information, title of project, product requirements, etc that get implemented in the Project using a "Template" for typical Tasks/ Milestones / Dependencies for this type of project.

How can this be made to avoid double keypunching in the information?
Yes we can help you adding this features as custom work
8 months ago
Yeah seems to be a great feature integration too for these products giving value to each other. ;)
5 months ago
Did this go anywhere?

3 months ago
I am not as familiar with JoomCRM because it doesn't integrate today with JoomProject.
But, I envision it goes something like this:
New customer calls. Provides their contact information which is keyed into JoomCRM.
JoomCRM can then be used for CRM tracking and follow up.
Customer decides to purchase products / services.
Employee opens JoomProject and creates a project with the customer's contact info auto populated upon search.
Customer's email / phone etc is immediately available for use during the project.
System allows for searching by user, by company or by product to find all applicable instances.
If the new project sale is similar to an older project, this can be cloned (copied) and edited for the new project info.
1 week ago
So Andi what you say?
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