JoomCourses ChangeLog v1.2.0

v1.2.0 (09/04/2019)


  • Courses list use now grid and cards of bootstrap 4
  • My applications view UX improved


  • Missed page heading in my applications, sessions and calendar views
  • Missed description of component in main xml file
  • Removed sql update folder cuz not needed

v1.1.1 (28/02/2019)


  • CSS file not loaded in grid layout
  • removed some duplicated files

v1.1.0 (11/02/2019)

New Features

  • Display courses in list or grid mode [Courses view]


  • Display no-image picture if course has no image [Courses view]
  • Fontawesome library now load on entry point
  • course informations now use table instead of dl tag [Course view]


  • Refresh icon don't show [Cart view]
  • Hide book now button if session date is empty [Courses view]
  • ROOT text displayed if ROOT category selected [Courses view]
  • Plugin system missed in build file
  • Spacing added between widget container and graph [dashboard] [backend]
  • COM_JOOMCOURSES_GRAPH_APPLICATIONS wrong string name [Language]
  • Display warning message in activities widget if is empty [backend] [Dashboard]
  • Plugin system missed [Backend] [Plugin]
  • Download ID field missed in config [Backend] [Config]
  • Wrong website link in copyright comments
  • Module installation code commented in installation file to prevent php warnings in installation
  • Uninstall file removed
  • Wrong controller class name [Controller Pay]
  • Wrong constant name in defines
  • Wrong categories link [Backend] [Dashboard]
  • Wrong vname value in addSubmenu method [Backend] [helper]
  • Fix - wrong help link [Backend] [all views]

v1.0 (19/11/2018)

  • Initial version