Joomla! 30
Version: 1.1.2 Release Date: 17 September 2019

JoomCRM is a Joomla CRM (Customer Relationship Management) component that lets you organize your sales and grow your business quickly and easily.

$79.00 (1 year subscription period)

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Main Features

  • Contacts management
  • Leads management
  • Deals management
  • Companies management
  • Tasks and events with calendar support
  • Goals management
  • Predefined and custom reports
  • User dashboard
  • Notes management
  • Documents management
  • Activities log
  • Forms builder
  • Data import
  • Mobile friendly
  • Email inbox integration
  • Joomla update system support

Deals Management

  • You can track all of your deals and their progress, no more wondering what stage a particular deal is in, by knowing exactly what stage a deal is you can close more of them.
  • Create and manage deal stages to better represent where each currently exists as you move the deal through your sales process
  • Use deal sources to understand which marketing methods are most profitable for your business
  • Ability to create custom fields to track all the data you require to better manage and win your deals
  • Add deal name, summary and amount
  • Ability to add more details to deal like company name, select stage, status , expected close, source, primary contact, probability
  • Adding, editing and deleting deals is fully ajaxified
  • Easy notes and documents management of the deal
  • Customize deals table columns easily
  • Powerfull deals filter (by stage, by user, by closing time ....)
  • Ability to import and export deals
  • Latest activities on each deal
  • Easy tasks and events management in the deal
  • Ability to associate more persons to a deal
  • Ability to share, print and archive a deal

v1.1.2 (11/01/2019)


  • Possible SQL Injection in some views

v1.1.1 (09/01/2019)


  • Importing peoples, companies and deals fails in frontend
  • Some php notices in php 7.2+
  • Joomla 3.9.1 compatibility

v1.0.3 (18/12/2018)


  • Some PHP notices and warnings in profile page
  • Base URL missed in some Ajax requests
  • Text messages don't display in Ajax requests

v1.0.2 (15/11/2018)


  • Missed Fax and Other Email fields in profile view
  • Start, next, prev and last don't display in pagination

v1.0.1 (03/07/2018)


  • Incorrect base URL in some views and some ajax requests

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