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Version: Release Date: 13 June 2019

JoomRecipe is the best Joomla Recipe Extension, let you do everything you need to efficiently manage your recipes and cookbooks inside your Joomla website.

$59.00 with 8 months free updates

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Main Features

  • Frontend Submision, turn your users into authors and give them the possibility to create their recipes
  • Recipe Manager, easy-to-use management screen with numerous edition features
  • Responsive + Bootstrap 4 compatible without any conflicts, works great on mobile devices, tablets and computers
  • Multi Language Support, recipes or categories can be associated with a language for multi language cookbooks.
  • On-the-fly quantity converter, adapt the quantity of ingredients according to the number of people. How Convenient!
  • Share Recipe, share your recipes using Facebook, twitter, pinterest, stumble upon and other social networks
  • Nutrition Facts, Kcals, carbs, salt, proteins... JoomRecipe is also perfect for diet websites
  • Recipe Price Management, should you need to provide a price for your recipes, it is possible
  • Rate Manager, give your community the opportunity to rate the recipes
  • Recipe Tags, link recipes together using tags
  • Times viewed, know what are your most famous recipes thanks to their view counters
  • Eco-print Feature, make your users save ink by only printing what they need
  • Watermarked Pictures, protect your original pictures thanks to automatic watermark
  • Support Videos, make your website more interactive using videos!
  • Report Comments, keep your content clean and get informed of abusive comments
  • Shopping Lists, manage your shopping lists, print them out or flash them with your smartphone and check your shopping lists at the supermarket
  • Meal Planner, help your users plan their meals for the week thanks to our nice drag and drop meal planner!
  • Alphabetical Search, browse and filter recipes easily by letters.
  • Module Positions, customize your content using internal module positions and display ads, banners or any content.
  • Content Plugin, display recipes in your Joomla articles easily using shortcode.

Backend Features

  • Intuitive Control Panel, well organized backend screens, search features & filters
  • Category Manager, create as many categories as you want. Categories can be nested. No depth limitation
  • Recipe Moderation, keep your content clean thanks to the approval process
  • Comment Moderation, decide who can comment and manage comments easily
  • Email Notifications, stay informed of new recipes and comments posted on your website
  • Auto Update System, just add your licence key and update JoomRecipe automatically

Display Options

  • Layouts, single column, dual column or thumbnails layout. You have the choice
  • List By Category, display your recipes by category
  • Pagination, paginate your content as you want to
  • Display Control, enable/disable display on a per-field basis
  • Most Viewed Recipes, display your most popular recipes
  • Latest Recipes, display your latest recipes
  • Featured Recipes, display your featured recipes
  • User Favourites, display your favourites recipes
  • Archive List, display recipes archive list

Flexible Features

  • Extensible Units, looking for a flexible way to manage your cookbook? Add new ingredient units to the predefined list of units (grams, kilos, pounds, etc)
  • Extensible Ingredients Group, recipes might necessitate several preparations (sauce, seasoning, etc). Create as much ingredient groups as needed
  • Gallery Module, define which recipes to put in image slider (latest, most viewed, best rated, etc)
  • Search Module & Plugin, extend Joomla native search to include your recipes. Joomla Smart Search is also supported.
  • JomSocial & EasySocial Integration, display user favorites and user-created recipes in profile
  • Disqus Integration, Spoil your community thanks to Disqus!

More Powerful features

  • Powerful Search Engine, include (or exclude) ingredients from your search. Search (or not) over recipe names, tags, description
  • Fine Grained Permissions, based on Joomla Permissions. Who can create, edit, delete, manage recipes and comments?
  • Supports US/METRICS, JoomRecipe has been thought to answer worldwide expectations. US or metrics quantities display is a built-in feature
  • Google Rich Snippets, tell Google your content is recipes. You just need to activate the feature to use microformats
  • Well Coded Pages, Canonical URLs, Google recommandations followed. We are proud of our code quality
Page Landing - Categories List
Page Landing - Categories List
Recipe Listing - Ingredients + Infos
Recipe Listing - Ingredients + Infos
Recipe Listing - Directions + Video
Recipe Listing - Directions + Video
Recipe Listing - Notes + Nutrition facts
Recipe Listing - Notes + Nutrition facts
Recipe listing - Reviews
Recipe listing - Reviews
Search Page
Search Page
Administration - Dashboard
Administration - Dashboard
Administration - Recipe Manager
Administration - Recipe Manager

v1.2.1.9 (11/06/2019)


  • Wrong cuisine link [Cuisine layout]
  • Cuisine always displayed even if not selected [Cuisine layout]
  • Cuisine always displayed even if not selected [Cuisine layout]
  • Gallery slider navigation arrows don't display [Gallery layout in recipe view]
  • Wrong category title tag value if category page opened from landing page [category layout]
  • Add button in gallery field not displayed in Recipe form [Backend]
  • Add new image attachement button missed [Recipe Form]
  • Cuisine name translation was not working

v1.2.1.7 (23/05/2019)

New Features

  • Ability to change categories columns in small, medium, large and extra large devices [Categories view]
  • Display recipes list by ordering [landing page]


  • Category card item UI improved [category card layout]
  • Category card now use layout [category card layout]
  • Form action button UI improved [Recipe form]
  • UI of attached images in gallery improved [Recipe form]
  • Filter UI Improved in my recipes layout [Recipes view]


  • Wrong extra large column name and description [Config]
  • Google plus sharing button removed [Recipe view]
  • URL missed in thumbnail card [thumbnail layout]
  • Some microdata errors [Recipe view]
  • Custom fields don't work in backend [Custom fields]
  • Wrong spelling in some constants language name [Language file]
  • Tabs style of custom fields don't show in frontend [Recipe form]

v1.2.1.3 (10/03/2019)


  • Don't allow empty title when adding a new shopping list [Shopping lists view]
  • User interface completely changed of edit page [Shopping list view]
  • Selecting ingredients design and interactions improved [Shopping list view]
  • User Interface of shopping list more organized [Shopping list view]
  • Use light badge class if category recipe count is 0 [Categories view]
  • Author name in page header hidden for all small devices [Recipe view]


  • PHPnotice [Shopping list view]
  • Add ingredient button removed [Shopping list view]
  • PHP notice in print layout [Shopping list view]
  • Recipe view break sidebar for template based on UIKIT

v1.2.1 (04/03/2019)

New Features

  • New parameters to control what to display in recipe print [Backend]


  • Default layout changed to grid instead of accordion [Recipes list module] [backend]
  • Vote now uses JLayout for better reuse and less code duplication
  • Margin bottom added to description block in grid with details layout [Recipes List]


  • Layout select option was not workin [Recipes list module] [backend]
  • Missed dashboard constant language in sys.ini file [Language] [backend]
  • PHP notice in readmore link [Recipes list]
  • Removed css code that change body font in Bootstrap 4 [Recipes List]
  • Wrong dashboard link in Joomla components menu [Backend]
  • Added class rounded for thumbnails layout [Recipes List]
  • Some missed recipes params [Landing page]
  • Cuisine filter value problem in cuisines layout [Recipes view]

v1.2.0 (28/02/2019)

New Features

  • Bootstrap 4 support
  • Joomla custom fields integration
  • Ability to remove IDs from SEF urls
  • Gallery support in recipe listing
  • Vegan field
  • Ability to search by tags
  • Slideshow layout for Recipes module
  • Grid layout for Recipes module
  • Simple list layout support unstyled and group design for Recipes module
  • Carousel layout for recipes and reviews modules
  • Ability to customize labels of categories and cuisines
  • Customizable featured badge in recipe listing
  • Ability to show/hide featured badge
  • Ability to order recipes and cuisines from backend
  • Ability to disable cuisines feature
  • Font Awesome icons instead of old bootstrap 2 icons
  • New parameter to hide browse by categories title
  • Ability to change recipe layout by using menu item param [landing page]
  • And more features .....


  • Improved rating field (now use CSS instead of images)
  • No more duplicated links for recipes and categories
  • Ability to remove IDs from SEF urls
  • Improved categories items layout
  • All recipes layouts design improved
  • Improved recipe printing
  • Pending approval and expired in alerts instead of using pictures
  • Categories recipes count now with dynamic badges [landing page]
  • New alpha index design [landing page]
  • Image upload design in form improved [form view]
  • Added icons to cards titles [form view]
  • Better organization of recipe tab options [Global configuration]
  • Hide show/hide fields if use recipe settings option set to yes [Backend] [Config / recipe edition tab]
  • Config constant languages moved to sys language file [Backend] [language]
  • Show/hide nutrition facts better organization [Edit form]
  • Directions automatic numbering option moved to recipe tab [Config]
  • JLayout for cuisines in recipes list [Recipes view]
  • Hide category description block if empty [category view]
  • Favorites module design improved
  • Single recipe layout now use horizontal card layout [single recipe module]
  • And more improvements .....


  • $ replaced by jQuery to avoid jQuery conflict in edit form [frontend]
  • Some bugs in ingredients field when saving form [JS] [Edit form]
  • Wrong language constant [Wall layout]
  • Duplicate helpers folder in xml file of component
  • Filtering problem if title is not set [model recipes] [frontend]
  • Bootstrap version should be by default enabled
  • PHP notice of count function in landingpage view
  • Pagination design broken
  • Removed background shadow and borders in admin views
  • Removed non used param "cat_picture_style"
  • Removed some br tags [form view]
  • JS error when submitting recipe form [backend] [recipe form]
  • Description block not hidden if disabled in config [Edit form]
  • Difficulty and cost fields not hidden if disabled in config [Edit form]
  • Recipe price field design broken [Edit form]
  • Reload frontend language file after loading backend language file [Frontend] [Entry point]
  • Load global language file before loading backend language file [Frontend] [Entry point]
  • Show/hide video fixed [Edit form] [Recipe view]
  • Page header cuisine language tag not translated if no cuisine selected [cuisines layout]
  • Select category text missed [categories module]
  • () missed in recipes number [categories module] [dropdown layout]
  • And more fixes .....

v1.1.7.1 (15/05/2018)


  • Missed ingredients column in sql file for new installation
  • White background removed from recipe item for more templates compatibility

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How/When/Where can I download the product?

After the payment process you can instantly download the product from the Customer Area section. (Navigate to My Account > My Downloads) In addition, we will send you an order confirmation email with all order and download information, so you can check back any time in the future.

Can I download new updates of product?

Yes, You will have 8 months free downloads any new updates of purchased products from your purchase date.

Can I modify the source code of product?

Yes, you are authorized to make any modifications to achieve your desired intention. All code are open for modification if you need.

Can I re-sell products?

No. You are not allowed to re-sell our products. However, you are entitled to customize them for your clients.

What kind of support do you offer?

We provide support through:
- Documentation: You can find 60% the answers for technical issues in our Users Guide & Documentation page.
- Community Forum: For all customers, both Free and Paid User.
- Premium Support by Email: Premium support is provided for active membership. You can contact us to assist you.
- Official support hours is from 9:00 — 17:00 Monday to Friday (GMT 00) with reply time of max 24 hrs.

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