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Version: 1.2.0 Release Date: 25 May 2019

JoomFAQs is the best FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) management component for Joomla CMS, It helps you quickly create elegant looking Frequently asked questions pages on your website with advanced features.

$29.00 (1 year subscription period)

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Main Features

  • Create FAQs with categories and subcategories
  • Easy customization of the order and organization
  • Support Joomla! editor for each faq answer
  • Easy management from frontend and backend
  • Responsive (works great in mobiles and tablets)
  • Module to display FAQs easily
  • Support bootstrap 2 and 3
  • Ability to display custom icon in each tabs or by category
  • FAQs displayed in accordion layout, and more layouts coming in future versions
  • SEF Urls for questions and categories

Question Features

  • You can add / edit / unpublish from backend or frontend easily
  • Add custom author and e-mail
  • Send notification to the author if response received
  • Change date of creation and date of reply
  • Change status of response to pending, answered or not answered
  • Manage feedbacks of each question
  • Ability for users to mark question as helpful or not
  • Users can add feedback if the question marked as not helpful
  • Attach a question to category or subcategory
  • Custom or global icon in each tab

FAQ Page Features

  • Ability to display FAQs from a specified category
  • Show or hide description and title of category
  • Show or hide description and title of subcategories
  • Show or hide empty subcategories
  • Choose the number of questions to display
  • Easy sorting of questions (by title, by created date or by established order)
  • Show or hide date of creation, date of reply, author or author reply
  • Ability to change date format
  • Allow or disallow users to rate an answer
  • Show or hide print button
  • Support content plugin

FAQ Submission Features

  • Show or hide form submission in a specified category
  • Ability to make e-mail field not required
  • Control the min and max length of question in a specified category
  • Show or hide character counter
  • Disable or enable notifications
  • And more ...

v1.2.0 (25/05/2019)


  • Question form now use tabs also UI improved


  • SQL error when updating
  • Iconpicker submit form when icon selected
  • Fatal error if Joomal multilanguage enabled
  • SQL error when updating
  • Comment form should be hidden if recaptcha not enabled
  • Missed page header in question form
  • Fatal error when clicking on cancel button

v1.1.0 (25/07/2018)

New Features

  • Custom icon in each tabs


  • Alias added in single question url

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