v1.1.3 (02/28/2018)


  • Radio to buttons javascript code was missed
  • Cancel button redirection don't work
  • Fatal error on recipe saving if email notification feature is enabled


  • Recipe edition form improved
  • Admin dashboard improved

v1.1.2 (09/18/2017)


  • Missed translations string in JoomRecipe menu item list
  • cookTime type missed in recipe microformat
  • Moderation fields forced to be shown only for who has admin core access


  • Edition form style improved

v1.1.1 (08/30/2017)


  • Pagination don't work in recipes manager (admin area)
  • Add recipe don't work after saving if Notify Admin option enabled
  • Missed language strings in admin area
  • Some PHP notices in duration field (PHP 7)


  • New option that let you always show nutrition facts

v1.1.0 (07/23/2017)


  • Force Bootstrap load
  • Choose similar recipes columns number
  • New joomrecipe-bottom-landingpage module position
  • Added Save as Copy in backend
  • Support migration from YooRecipe
  • Sort options in component options to control display of recipes in categories page
  • Register modal for guests when clicking on add to Meal Planner of Shopping list
  • New option to notify admin by email on recipe update
  • New 4 sort options in favourites menu item
  • New featured chef(original chef name) field in recipe form
  • New option to display user link (jomsocial, easysocial, CB, joomrecipe)
  • Notification to user on recipe creation


  • Usermedia field style improved
  • New look on Recipe editing in admin area
  • Admin dashboard improved
  • Recipes list table in admin area improved
  • Recaptcha improved in reviews form
  • Configuration related fields are hidden (using showon attribute)
  • Search view improved
  • Removed required attribute from preparation and description fields
  • Maximum preparation time increased to 6 days
  • Support jpeg extension in image cropper
  • Added add ingredient button in recipe edit pages
  • Breadcrumbs now show the recipe category
  • Added default value for cuisine
  • Updated featured recipe icon
  • Search by seasons field shows either a list of months or a list of seasons based on component settings


  • Ingredients were not correctly saved in backend
  • Saving seasons was not working properly
  • Ingredient unit bug fixed in shopping list
  • Access to meal planner when not logged in shows php error
  • Archive page not working for non latin alphabets
  • Bug in cuisine menu type
  • Added missing labels for cuisine
  • Touchscreen ingredients reordering bug on mobile devices
  • Cropped images were not used in some cases
  • Recipes were not displayed when browsing categories if option is set to hide recipes
  • xsi namespace missed in exported xml files
  • PHP error on recipe page when use recipe price option is enabled
  • Bug using XMl import tool due to /tmp permissions problem with shared hosting
  • Fixed ordering bug when selecting recipe types (most recents) in menu item options
  • Canonical url was always HTTP, regardless protocol
  • joomrecipe-after-subcategories module position was not displayed when called
  • Notify admin on recipe creation was not working anymore when creating recipes from frontend
  • Auto publish and auto validate options were not working anymore when creating recipes from frontend
  • Ingredients were lost when using Save as Copy feature
  • Reviews, Cuisines, Serves types missed when exporting
  • Page title bug when browsing letters in landing page
  • PHP warning when updating a recipe from frontend
  • Recipe was not correctly checked out when user clicked cancel in backend
  • Bug when sorting cuisines in backend
  • Cuisine page url rewriting bug
  • Default sort order fixed in recipe wall
  • Replaced all language constants that begins with COM_JOOMRECIPE_JOOMRECIPE to COM_JOOMRECIPE
  • Similar Recipes look messy in recipe listing
  • Cant empty cuisines table when delete & insert mode used in import
  • assets.xml import with delete & insert mode break
  • Pictures width it's not 100% in layouts
  • Nutrition fact search block layout bug


  • Fixed Blind SQL Injection on Search page, with "search_author" parameter

v1.0.4 (17/06/2017)


  • Some warnings in recipe layout
  • SQL Injection in recipe and category

v1.0.3 (13/05/2017)


  • New Improved Recipe Layout


  • Added missed language strings
  • Fixed recipe layout
  • Added unique class to cuisine badges


  • Initial Version