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Easy Jobs Manager
Joomla! 3.0 Joomla! 4.0 Joomla! 5.0
Version: 5.3.0 Release Date: 30 April 2024

Easy Jobs Manager is an awesome Joomla component that let you build a website for publishing and finding jobs.


Easy Jobs Manager Pro Edition
/ 1 year

12 months free software updates and support

Unlimited Installations

Open source & Lifetime software usage

Priority Support (1 domain)

Easy Jobs Manager Developer Edition
/ 2 years

24 months free software updates and support

Unlimited Installations

Open source & Lifetime software usage

Priority Support (1 domain)

Main Features

  • Jobs management
  • Companies, candidates, replies management
  • Partners, locations and job sectors management for Jobs
  • Currencies, contract types, time types and length employments management
  • Lightweight and very fast
  • Joomla Custom fields support
  • Email / SMS notifications
  • ACL support
  • Assign candidate or company user to a specified Joomla group
  • Support last Bootstrap framework
  • Import Jobs quickly from CareerJet

Job Listing Features

  • Attach job to a company from backend
  • Add job title and description
  • Ability to add salary information (amount range, currency and period)
  • Choose job location (ability to attach 3 locations)
  • Choose job fields (ability to attach 3 fields)
  • Choose job listing publishing period
  • Attach a company contact to job
  • Set job starting time
  • Choose job time type (Full-time, Flexi-time, Fixed-term contract, Casual workers)
  • Choose length of employment (Indefinite period, Length C, Length D)
  • Choose contract (Employment contract, Business License, Fixed-term Contract)
  • Extend job with custom fields (example: Responsibilities, Requirements ....)
  • Control job listing activation (manual or auto activation after creation)
  • Global publish day count for each job listing
  • Control company info how to be displayed in job listing (Full, Basic or None)
  • Email / SMS notification when new job created and published with ability to customize email message and subject
  • Set job address or latitude/longitude and display location with google map

Jobs List Features

  • Easy jobs management from backend
  • Jobs list view with filter (you can filter by location, field )
  • Ability to display jobs in horizontal list or table view
  • Ability to display custom fields in horizontal list or table view
  • Ability to change company logo size
  • Display distance for every job when search radius enabled

Candidate Features

  • Can filter jobs quickly by recommended, field, location, contract, replied to, Favorited
  • Can add personal information like name, surname, picture, gender ....
  • Ability to extend personal information by custom fields (example: skills, website, phone, fb profile ....
  • Ability to manage experiences, educations, certifications, files (cv, cover letter ...) and languages
  • Ability to choose preferred jobs (by choosing locations and fields)
  • Reply to a job
  • Add job to favorite list
  • Application history
  • Change profile visibility to public or private
  • Share a job to a friend
  • Subscribe to a newsletter
  • Receiving alerts about new job offers with Joomla custom fields integration
  • Ability to download CV as PDF
  • Email notification when new candidate registered with ability to customize email message and subject
  • Email notification when new candidate replied to a job with ability to customize email message and subject
  • Auto thumbnails generation for candidate picture
  • Attach a new user candidate to Joomla group during registration 

Companies List Features

  • Easy companies management from backend
  • Companies list view
  • Ability to display companies in horizontal list or table view

Company Features

  • Submit new jobs
  • Manage own jobs easily (edit, unpublish, copy)
  • Check candidates database
  • Add candidate to favorite list
  • Ability to download candidate CV as PDF
  • Add company logo
  • Extend company information by custom fields (example: company form, employees number, activity, contact info, address ...)
  • Ability to attach more contacts
  • Email notification when new company registered with ability to customize email message and subject
  • Subscribe to a newsletter
  • Receiving email and SMS notifications of events related to the company
  • Auto thumbnails generation for company picture
  • Attach a new user company to Joomla group during registration
  • User can contact company profile
  • Control who can contact company

Search & Filter Jobs

  • Geolocation support
  • Filter by job location or user position
  • Filter by company, keyword, time type and more !! 

SEO Features

  • Automatic or manual Metadata (title, description, keywords ...) generation
  • Support Opengraph
  • Support Twitter Cards
  • Support Google rich snippets for jobs and companies (using JSON-LD format)
  • Ability to map Joomla custom fields with job and company schema


  • Jobs search form
  • Jobs list
  • Companies list
  • Login/Register based on role (candidate or company)

3rd party Integrations

  • AcyMailing Integration (create subscribers & subscribe to lists based on preferences in Easy Jobs user profile)
  • CiviCRM Integration (create contacts & their relations)
  • JoomSMS Integration (to send SMS notifications)

More Features

  • Guest reply support
  • Joomla captcha registration
  • Address autocompletion using Google Map API 
  • And more features not listed here


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