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Joomla! 3.0
Version: 2.1.2 Release Date: 20 January 2021

JoomForms let you build and design your own forms using an advanced forms builder, you can create unlimited contact forms, multipage forms, application forms, event registration, feedback, surveys and more inside your Joomla website easily.


JoomForms Pro Edition
/ 1 year

12 months free software updates and support

Unlimited Installations

Open source & Lifetime software usage

Priority Support (1 domain)

JoomForms Developer Edition
/ 2 years

24 months free software updates and support

Unlimited Installations

Open source & Lifetime software usage

Priority Support (1 domain)

Main Features

  • A wide variety of forms field support  (+40 fields)
  • Pre-made form templates
  • Drag & drop form grid support
  • Multi-page forms
  • Easy to embed using shortcodes
  • Integration with many 3rd party extensions
  • Responsive and customizable forms
  • Multilanguage support
  • Build complex forms easily
  • Easy forms management from backend
  • and more

Supported Form Fields

  • Default fields: textbox, textarea, dropdown, checkbox group, radio group, button (reset, submit ..), password, hidden, email, url, number
  • Payment fields: product, donation, discount, total, payment selector, payment gateways (Paypal, 2checkout, eWay, Offline, PagSeguro, PayFast, Iyzico...)
  • Time & data fields: calendar, date and time picker
  • Security fields: custom captcha, Recaptcha v2 and v3, hCaptcha
  • Map fields: Google maps
  • Extra fields: page break, range slider, ticket generator, birthday, file upload, free text

Common Form Fields Features

  • Set unique name, caption (label) and default value
  • Set descriptive text next to field
  • Ability to publish, unpublish, delete, duplicate or copy to another form
  • Set if field is required or optional
  • Add validation rule and customize validation message
  • Ability to change attributes values (like size, placeholder, max size ...) and add additional attributes
  • Drag and drop fields in form grid builder
  • Conditions and calculations support
  • and more

Form Features

  • Set form title , name and description
  • Ability to change attributes values (action, name, id, class) and add additional attributes
  • Change form status (published or unpublished), access and language
  • Ability to show or hide form title
  • Ability to set form title as page title
  • Ability to customize form metadata (description, keywords, key reference ....)
  • Ability to set created date, created by and created by alias like in Joomla articles
  • Ability to preview form quickly from edit form

Email Features

  • Send email to user and admin on submission
  • Ability to add additional emails to be sent to different users
  • Ability to send email on submission deletion
  • Customize sender informations (from email and from name )
  • Customize recipient informations (to, reply to email, reply to name, CC, BCC)
  • Customize content (subject, message, mode text or html)
  • Ability to attach files
  • Ability to attach pdf file
  • Ability to use placeholders in all email settings (field label and value also some global informations like site name ...)

Submission Features

  • Ability to use AJAX validation
  • Scroll to form on error
  • Customize required fields marker
  • Ability to customize error message text and use placeholders
  • Ability to disable captcha for logged users
  • Return URL customization
  • Enable / disable saving data to database
  • Enable / disable saving IP to database
  • Auto delete submissions older than X days
  • Enable / disable confirmation by email
  • Customize confirmation return URL
  • Ability to disable submit button on submission
  • Ability to limit submissions number
  • Show / hide thank you message
  • Enable / disable "scroll to thank you message"
  • Ability to display thank you message in modal
  • Ability to customize thank you message text and use placeholders
  • Show / hide continue button
  • Ability to post to custom location
  • Customize method (get or post), post url, parameters, headers when using post to custom location feature
  • Advanced mapping feature that let you to insert, replace, update or delete on local or remote database
  • Customize multiple selection separator
  • and more

Scripts Features

  • Ability to add custom PHP code: on form display, on form process, after form has been processed, before form is generated, before form is validated
  • Ability to add custom PHP code: before the email is sent, before the admin is email is sent, before the additional emails are sent
  • Ability to add custom Javascript

Custom Design Features

  • Support of multiple frontend frameworks (Bootstrap, UIkit ...)
  • Change layout flow to horizontal or vertical
  • Ability to customize or autogenerate the layout
  • Ability to add custom CSS code

Form Directory

  • Ability to convert form submissions to a directory
  • Ability to enable PDF and CSV support
  • Show / hide empty fields
  • Show / hide google map
  • Customize directory permissions (who can edit and who can delete)
  • Ability to show / hide fields in listing view or in details view
  • Make fields editable, searchable
  • Allow / disallow field export
  • Customize design: auto generate or edit layout, change layout design (inline, 2 lines, 2 columns and more ...), add custom css
  • add additional emails and add custom PHP / JS code
  • and more


  • Payment: 2checkout, Paypal, Payfast, eWay, PageSeguro, Iyzico, Payment Email
  • Security: Akismet, Cleantalk, Recaptcha, Hcaptcha
  • Google: Google Calendar events, Google Sheets,  Google Maps, Google Captcha
  • CRM / ERP integrations: Salesforce, ZohoCRM, Vtiger
  • Emailing: Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, dotMailer, ConstantContact, getResponse, VerticalResponse
  • Joomla!:  User registration, Article creation
  • Conferencing: Zoom

Backend Features

  • Easy management of forms from backend, you can publish, unpublish, delete, duplicate, run wizard, add form to menu quickly, clear submissions .... and more
  • Easy management of submissions from backend, you can resend emails, import/export, edit, delete, select submissions range date ... and more
  • Ability to export and import forms and submissions
  • Ability to disable / enable Multilanguage feature
  • Change access permissions
  • and more

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