Joomla! 30
Version: 2.0 Release Date: 02 August 2020

JoomForms let you build and design your own forms using an advanced forms builder, you can create unlimited contact forms, multipage forms, application forms, event registration, feedback, surveys and more inside your Joomla website easily.

$59.00 / 12 months subscription (support & updates)

Domains support

Forms Building Features

  • Easy forms managements from backend
  • Add form description
  • Ability to change access level group
  • Enable or disable submissions saving during form submitting
  • Show or hide form title
  • Add custom attributes
  • Auto shortcode generation
  • Easy fields managements
  • Ajax fields editing
  • Ability to add custom code (CSS, JS and PHP)
  • Ability to customize thank you message or redirect to a specified url or menu item
  • Conditional fields support
  • Fields calculations support
  • Ability to post form to another URL location
  • Ability to set form start and finishing publishing date
  • Set metadata informations (title, description, keywords, robots, author, content rights and reference)

Emails Notification Features

  • Ability to send multiple emails notifications
  • Ability to set email fields quickly (subject, from, from name, recipients, CC, BCC, reply to, reply to name and message)
  • Quick form fields insertion inside email fields
  • Set email mode (Text or HTML)
  • Choose specified language of each email
  • Easy attachements insertion
  • Send email if a one or multiple conditions match

Common Field Features

  • Add field caption and description
  • Auto field name generation
  • Ability to change access level group of field
  • Ability to make field required or optional
  • Choose to hide or show field
  • Choose to hide or show caption / label of field
  • Choose to show or hide field in submission list (as column)
  • Two predefined values types (default or PHP code)
  • You can use PHP code to define predefined values

v1.0 (06/20/2018)

  • Initial version

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