v1.2.2 (24/02/2019)


  • Videos loaded by AJAX don't open in modal

v1.2.1 (20/02/2019)


  • Invalid videos link for API v3

v1.2.0 (19/02/2019)

New Features:

  • AJAX videos loading
  • JLayout used for better code reuse
  • Warning message to enable auto updating feature


  • Hide columns option if carousel or vertical layout selected [Backend]
  • Carousel columns options moved to display settings area [Backend]
  • Wrong layout name of carousel [Backend]
  • PHP notice if APIv2 selected
  • Author, copyright and email values missed in xml file
  • Wrong log file name

v1.1 (11/11/2018)

New Features:

    • Support Vimeo API v3
    • New Source of Videos ( Album )

v1.0 (01/03/2018)

  • Initial version