Online Web Tools
Joomla! 30
Version: 1.0.4 Release Date: 19 September 2017

Extend your joomla! website frontend features by adding free online web tools. Increase your website traffic easily by providing online web tools in your joomla! frontend. Make money by adding ads in web tools easily.

$39.00 (1 year subscription period)

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Main Features:

  • 17 Tools
    • 8 tools for Search Engine Optimization
    • 6 tools for Coding
    • 3 Tools for Design
  • Clean, responsive design layout based on Bootstrap 2
  • Simple administration dashboard to configure tools
  • Change parameters of each tool
    • Enable / Disable tool features
    • Enable / Disable Captcha for each tool that require server side validation
    • Set Metadata and keyword for each tool
  • No database required. Tools parameters stored in JSON files.
  • AJAX Based request only
  • Multilanguage
  • Support for Google ReCAPTCHA to stop spammers
  • Secured component from CSRF anti-spoofing and Remote file inclusion ...
  • Joomla! Auto update system

SEO Tools

  • Alexa
    This tool grab traffic data, global rankings and other information for given url from Alexa website.
  • Google
    This tool grab page rank, page speed, websearch index and other information for the given url from google.
  • MozScape
    This tool grab Moz rank, links count, page and domain authority of any webpage from MozScape API.
  • Open Site Explorer
    This tool grab MOZ domain and page Authority Rank, discovered inbound links, root domain inbound links and total links of any webpage from OPEN SITE EXPLORER.
  • SEMRush
    This tool grab SEMRush domain rank, competitors, organic keywords and more informations of any webpage from SEMRush.
  • Sistrix
    This tool check Sistrix visibility index of any webpage.
  • Social Stats
    This tool fetch social stats like Facebook comments, likes, shares, tweets, pins, Delicious posts, StumbleUpon views and many more of any webpage.
  • Website Stats
    This tool fetch website ranks, social stats, graphs and many more of any webpage.

Coding Tools

  • JS Minifier
    This tool compress Javascript to reduce JS code size and make user website load faster.
  • CSS Minifier
    This tool compress CSS to reduce CSS code size and make user website load faster.
  • Code Beautifier
    This tool beautify, unpack or deobfuscate JavaScript and HTML,also make JSON/JSONP and CSS readable.
  • HTML Compressor
    This tool Compress HTML , JavaScript and CSS code to reduce page size and make website load faster.
  • HTML Encoder / Decoder
    This tool converts all applicable characters to their corresponding HTML entities.
  • URL Encoder /Decoder
    This tool can quickly encode / decode any URL or a list of URLs.

Design Tools

  • CSS3 Button Maker
    This tool allows users to generate cross browser CSS3 button styles code.
  • CSS3 Gradient Generator
    This tool help users to generate powerful CSS gradient code.
  • CSS3 Box Shadow Generator
    This tool allows users to generate cross browser CSS3 box shadow code.

v1.0.4 (09/19/2017)

New Features:

  • Joomla! auto update system implementation


  • New dashboard look


  • Recaptcha was not working
  • Website stats tool fails sometimes in ajax request

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