JB Advanced Cart for Virtuemart
Joomla! 30
Version: 1.1.0 Release Date: 02 December 2018

The best ajax cart module for virtuemart with quantity update, product remove using ajax technology, also you can show products cart list in dropdown, plain or overlay view.

$20.00 (1 year subscription period)

Domains support quantity
  • Plain, Dropdown or Overlay view of products list
  • Ajaxified Cart
  • Responsive Design
  • Review quickly cart products
  • Ajax Update quantity of products on cart
  • Ajax Remove products from cart
  • Empty cart easily by just one click
  • Show and hide cart elements easily (title, icon, quantity, remove button ...)
  • Cart designer, customize cart colors as you want
  • Change shopping cart icon
  • Use Joomla! Ajax component for Ajax calls
  • Support Virtuemart v3
  • No VirtueMart hacks

v1.1 (02/11/2018)

New Features

  • Joomla! Updating system support
  • Cart container with unique ID


  • Ajax response replace all module content which make problems with other templates