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Start your business in JoomCompany

Add your first company details in JoomCompany

1 - First time after installation

The first time you open JoomCompany you can choose between

  • Creating a new company
  • Installing sample data (recommanded)

In case you don't choose install sample data, you need to create everything from scratch.

2 - Edit company details

To edit you company data click on "Business" menu item in left sidebar then edit your company

Business view opens with the following data fields

  • As a general rule
    • Name - What is the name of your company, trade or association?
    • Management - This is the Joomla user who creates the company
    • Address
    • Logo
    • Slogan
  • Presettings (proposed in all documents)
    • Currency
    • Rate of taxes - the tax rate can be edited in each document and documents with different tax rates can also be managed
    • Tax - is the taxation of the products: not, inclusive (included in the price), exclusive (price + tax rate)
    • Default note - suggested for all documents



In the lower area you can make some customization to navigation, reports and data fields: 

  • Categories in the navigation - You can decide which categories should be shown in the menu bar for a faster access
  • Data fields - You can store additional information in data fields and make them visible in your template for PDF, Email, Print etc. A good example for usage are your bank information in the footer.
  • Reports - You can decide which documents folders represent revenue and which the expenditure


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