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Guide of Easy Vimeo Videos

1 - Introduction

Easy Vimeo Videos Joomla module helps you to add Vimeo Videos to your Joomla! website easily and customize it, and support Vimeo API version 2 and version 3

2 - How to get Client ID and Client Secret ID (API v3 only)

Follow below steps to get your Vimeo Client Identifier and Client Secret:

  • Step 1: If you don’t have an account on Vimeo, self-create a new Vimeo account at
  • Step 2: Go to and login.
  • Step 3: If you have already created an app then follow the procedure from Step 5, else follow step 4 to create a new app
  • Step 4: Provide the required info, check I agree checkbox and click on Create App button.
  • Step 5: Click on Authenticate tab
  • Step 6: Click on Generate Token button
  • Step 7: Copy Client Identifier and Client Secret
  • Well Done. You can use your Client Identifier and Client Secret in your module

3 - How to display private videos

  • To hide and make your videos private you need to have Vimeo Plus account subscription, check it here:, then you can set your videos privacy to hidden for example.
  • To display this videos in your website using Easy Vimeo Videos you need first to generate authenticated token
  • Go to and login, then go to your App and Check "Authenticated" -> then check "public" and "private" scopes -> then click on "generate"
  • Go go to Easy Vimeo Videos Module Settings and change source type to "My private Videos" and paste your generated token in "Personal Access Token"

4 - How to enable Joomla update system

For Joomla 3

  1. Download this plugin :
  2. Enable this plugin (JB Update Helper) in plugins manager and enter your download ID to enable live update. Log into your account and get the download id from

For Joomla 4

  1. Login to Joomla 4 backend
  2. Go to system -> update sites
    update module download ID
  3. Then click on title Easy Vimeo Videos and enter your download ID key
    update module download ID 2
  4. If you don't see Download ID key is missing message, please check update site link of easy vimeo videos then click on rebuild

6 - How to get Vimeo Profile ID

  1. Go to your Vimeo profile. For example:
  2. On your browser’s address bar, copy the text after ‘‘. In this case, the text is ‘joomboost‘.
  3. The text above is your Vimeo profile ID.

7 - How to get your Vimeo Folder ID

  1. Go to your Vimeo account, then click or create the folder you want, you will see in search bar link like
  2. On your browser’s address bar, copy the number after ‘‘. In this case, the text is ‘02546666‘.
  3. The text above is your Vimeo folder ID.

8 - More informations

9 - Resources Links

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