1. Jennifer Escher
  2. Free Modules
  3. Thursday, 10 August 2017
Using JoomBoost Easy Camera Slide v1.1 working fine until today - it is not displaying.

Seeing error in code related to .....jquery-latest.pack.js
Error is....TypeError: $(".hasTooltip";).tooltip is not a function. (In '$(".hasTooltip";).tooltip({"html": true,"container": "body"})', '$(".hasTooltip";).tooltip' is undefined)
(anonymous function)

and shows several versions for jquery-latest.pack.js, like they are in conflict, however I cannot find these plug-ins modules, components
j - jquery-latest.pack.js:1252
fireWith - jquery-latest.pack.js:1297:111
Ready - jquery-latest.pack.js:1378
J - jquery-latest.pack.js:1386:103

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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