1. Sarrene
  2. JoomProject
  3. Sunday, 23 December 2018
I would like to make a request to allow tasks to be ongoing, so if you do not put an end time, it will not mark it as past due (or the need to continually change the date forward.

It would be very nice to have a feature added in by:
a) default if no due/end date is selected
- or -
b) to have an option to select something like "Ongoing" or "no Due Date" when you select for the calendar panel.

This is a feature that would help both project managers and those on the task(s) themselves a lot. It is also a feature that I found while searching was requested a lot by users of ProjectFork and ProjectKnife, and I see now also with ProjectSpoon (another fork of the original).

Thank you very much!

Below is an image that shows the old ProjectFork tasks (please note the date and the progress bar)
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