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Version: Release Date: 29 April 2019

JoomTestimonials is the best testimonials component for Joomla, that let your users to submit their testimonials/feedbacks and displays them in a beautiful and creative way.

$29.00 with 8 months free updates

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Easy to configure and manage

  • Fully featured backend
  • Admin can approve, add, delete, edit all testimonials
  • Easy moderation from frontend

Customizable Layout and design Feautes

  • Simple List, Quotes, cards and timeline templates
  • You can configure to fit your website template or your purpose such as layout, font, color, avatar size, field to be shown
  • Responsive design, works good on all mobile devices
  • Support Namespaced Bootstrap 4 no more conflicts with old Bootstrap versions
  • Works good on all Joomla! templates frameworks like Gantry, Warp, T3 ...

Predefined Fields Features

  • Rating field
  • Avatar uploader / picker field
  • Website field
  • E-mail field
  • Position field
  • Category field
  • Company field
  • Name field
  • New Video field (support Youtube, Dailymotion and Vimeo)

Text Limiter Features

  • Enable or disable text limiter feature
  • Shorten testimonials to a specified size and then add an ellipsis to the end of each item
  • Show full testimonial text on mouse hover or on readmore button click
  • Hide testimonial text with show less button easily
  • Add custom readmore and show less buttons classes

More Features

  • Joomla! Captcha Integration to prevent spams
  • Avatar can be picked from pictures list or uploaded from computer
  • Statistics in Backend dashboard
  • Unlimited categories and subcategories
  • You can show testimonials list from a specified category or categories
  • You can force predefined fields to be required in submission form
  • Joomla! ACL Support
  • Support Joomla! Update System
  • Email notifications
  • You can configure auto approve when a user submit a testimonial
  • Provides various fields: avatar, position, company and website.
  • You can choose which field to display in the submit form, it can be required or not.
  • Testimonials Module with slide feature, and many options to change style and layout.
  • New Testimonials stats module
  • New Submit form module with 2 layouts (modal button and full form view)
  • New Content plugin that let you display testimonial inside Joomla article using shortcode ex: {joomtestimonials id=xx}
  • New Joomla! custom fields integration
  • New Animate testimonials items inside list view
Cards with floated avatar
Cards with floated avatar
Simple layout
Simple layout
Simple cards layout
Simple cards layout
Quotes layout
Quotes layout
Quotes cards layout
Quotes cards layout
Testimonial submission
Testimonial submission
Dashboard (Backend)
Dashboard (Backend)
Testimonials management (Backend)
Testimonials management (Backend)
Testimonial submission (Backend)
Testimonial submission (Backend)
List settings
List settings
Template settings
Template settings
Submission settings
Submission settings
Fields settings
Fields settings
Permissions settings
Permissions settings

v1.5.1.8 (29/04/2019)

New Features

  • Ability to enable or disable slides shadow for coverflow effect in slider [Testimonials module]


  • Wrong pagination spacing and alignement [Pagination layout]

v1.5.1.7 (25/03/2019)

New Features

  • Ability to enable or disable autoplay for carousel and also change delay between transitions [Testimonials module] [Mode carousel]
  • Ability to show navigation buttons on hover in carousel mode [Testimonials module]


  • Submit button always floating to the right [Form module] [modal layout]
  • Submit button text missed [Form module] [modal layout]
  • Wrong redirection after form submission [Form module]
  • Bootstrap 4 not loaded from module [Form module]
  • Modal form submission problem when multilanguage and SEF enabled [Edit form]

v1.5.1.6 (02/03/2019)

New Features

  • Change navigation buttons color in carousel mode [Testimonials module]
  • Ability to show navigation buttons on hover in carousel mode [Testimonials module]


  • Fatal error if timeline layout chosen [Testimonials module]
  • Compatibility with old version 1.4 if box layout chosen [Testimonials module]

v1.5.1.4 (12/02/2019)

New Features

  • New option to change name text color [Timeline Layout]


  • Text limiter button disappear if module displayed in menu item that use Joomtestimonials view [Module testimonials]
  • Bootstrap not loaded [Timeline layout]
  • Custom fields don't display [All layouts]


  • Spacer added between each fields group [Testimonial layouts xml]
  • Customfields code now use JLayout for better reuse

v1.5.1.2 (01/02/2019)


  • Vote position don't change [Default layout]
  • Missed edit button [Quote layout]
  • Changing vote stars color from menu item [All layouts]
  • Sometimes avatar image don't display


  • Testimonial text block now use JLayout for better reuse and less code duplication
  • Avatar block now use JLayout for better reuse and less code duplication
  • Edit button block now use JLayout for better reuse and less code duplication
  • Vote block now use JLayout and removed from helper for better reuse
  • Text limiter button classes improved
  • Edit button position and design

v1.5.1.1 (15/01/2019)


  • Auto hide video height and width params if "show video" set to hide [All layouts]
  • Quote background color don't change [Quote layout]
  • Vertical align params removed from quote layout cuz was for default layout [Quote layout]
  • Form-control class removed from anti-spam field [submit form]
  • Box layout will be switched to quote layout if used cuz was renamed to quote and breaks module [Testimonials module]

v1.5.1 (13/01/2019)

New Feature

  • Dynamic CSS in testimonials module
  • Auto height and custom slide item height params in carousel mode of testimonials module


  • Text limiter was not working in testimonials module
  • Columns grid not working in testimonials module
  • Wrong default values for some carousel params in testimonials module
  • Params merging problem in testimonials module
  • "1" number shows in settings in testimonials module
  • Missed class form-control in form view [frontend]
  • Wrong medium column name param in testimonials module
  • Fields folder not included in xml folder of testimonials module


  • Some code not needed was deleted after using Layouts

v1.5.0 (12/01/2019)

New Features

  • Namespaced Boostrap 4 support
  • Layouts support in views and module for better reuse
  • PHP 7.3 support
  • Ability to strip tags of testimonial text
  • Old carousel replaced with Swiper in testimonials module
  • Grid mode support in testimonials module
  • Change Border radius in default layout
  • Change Border type in default layout
  • Change Link color in default layout
  • Change Permalink button class in default layout
  • Change card background in quote layout
  • Change card border in quote layout


  • Showon attribute added to many fields for better UX
  • Old bootstrap frameworks removed
  • Duplicated code reduced by 90% after using JLayout feature


  • Can't change state of testimonials in backend
  • Vote always shown if position selected after image
  • Removed some non used variables

v1.4.4 (06/08/2018)


  • Missed dashed borders [default layout] [Testimonials module]
  • Wrong page header in modal form [frontend] [edit form]

v1.4.3 (07/07/2018)


  • Some css bugs happens when BS2 and BS3 framework files loaded from CDN [Testimonials module] [Default view]
  • Missed static keyword in DateFormat method of component helper
  • Missed static keyword in method getVoteLayout of module helper file
  • Top dots border don't show in default layout

Check full changelog here

How/When/Where can I download the product?

After the payment process you can instantly download the product from the Customer Area section. (Navigate to My Account > My Downloads) In addition, we will send you an order confirmation email with all order and download information, so you can check back any time in the future.

Can I download new updates of product?

Yes, You will have 8 months free downloads any new updates of purchased products from your purchase date.

Can I modify the source code of product?

Yes, you are authorized to make any modifications to achieve your desired intention. All code are open for modification if you need.

Can I re-sell products?

No. You are not allowed to re-sell our products. However, you are entitled to customize them for your clients.

What kind of support do you offer?

We provide support through:
- Documentation: You can find 60% the answers for technical issues in our Users Guide & Documentation page.
- Community Forum: For all customers, both Free and Paid User.
- Premium Support by Email: Premium support is provided for active membership. You can contact us to assist you.
- Official support hours is from 9:00 — 17:00 Monday to Friday (GMT 00) with reply time of max 24 hrs.

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