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Easy Local Google Fonts
Joomla! 4.0 Joomla! 5.0
Version: 5.0 Release Date: 15 November 2023

This Joomla extension let you download Google fonts automatically to your server and use it instead of remote one, which makes all google fonts DSGVO compliant.


Easy Local Google Fonts Pro Edition
/ 1 year

12 months free software updates and support

Unlimited Installations

Open source & Lifetime software usage

Priority Support (1 domain)

Main Features

  • Automatically download google fonts to your server
  • Detects complex google fonts links
  • Detect google fonts inside CSS files and replace them with local fonts
  • Automatically remove remote google api fonts and use local one
  • Automatically remove remote google static fonts and use local one
  • Automatically remove remote google icon fonts and use local one
  • Support font links without http(s) portion
  • Detect font links with spaces between attributes or with different attributes order
  • Detect fonts added by Joomla Document API and also fonts added manually to template.
  • DSGVO Compliant
  • Joomla update system support
  • Support any 3rd party extensions that use Google fonts like SP Page Builder
  • Support any template framework like Gantry, Helix Ultimate, Sparky Framework, T4 ...
  • Relative URLs support

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