v1.1.2 29/08/2018

New Feature

  • New template for JoomProject
  • Batch processing for tasks (copying and moving tasks accross projects)


  • Demo content of repo folder removed from installation package

v1.1.1 10/08/2018


  • Ajax request fail when editing permissions group [backend] [All views]

v1.1.0 09/07/2018

New Features


  • Ajax request fails when editing permissions group [Frontend]
  • Missed icon of comments link in sidebar [Backend]
  • PHP notice of count function [Tasks model]
  • Wrong class name in notification plugin
  • PHP notice in count function [Default tmpl] [Tasks component]
  • CSS issue in permissions html block [Backend]


  • Unified sidebar on all JoomProject components [Backend]
  • Task counter module design improved
  • Use of table in project infos [Dashboard view] [Projects list view]
  • Toolbar buttons moved after project title [Projects list view]
  • Changed padding of each task container [Tasks module]
  • Added unique id of module container and class [Time module]

v1.0.1 10/05/2018


  • Modules and plugins author data corrected
  • System plugin not auto publish in new installation
  • Menu site not auto created in new installation
  • CSS files of backend don't load
  • Show/hide filter parameter don't work in milestones and tasks components
  • Router fatal error in projects component
  • Reinstallation fails


  • Added base url in all ajax links
  • Backend dashboard style updated
  • Removed JoomProject word from admin menu lins
  • Removed updates folder

v1.0 02/12/2018

  • Initial Version