JoomIdentity ChangeLog v1.3.0

v1.3.0 (18/03/2021)

New Features

  • Ability to add user to an extra Joomla group on verification
  • Ability to set user expiration date on verification
  • User will be automatically deleted from extra group on date expiration (by cron job)
  • Allow/disallow reviewed user to deleted files

v1.2.1 (20/07/2020)


  • Download id widget doesn't display saved value

v1.2.0 (16/06/2020)


  • Font-awesome library instead of old icons library
  • Use links color of default template [Bootstrap]
  • Files list and submit for now use cards [UI] [Proof View]
  • Status buttons UI improved [Proof View]
  • Dashboard sidebar UI/UX improved [Backend]


  • Some default values of config params was not set by default [Config]
  • Emails was not working correctly , emails component was missed

v1.1.0 (06/08/2019)


  • htaccess created in root of Joomla
  • removed Google+ link from dashboard
  • composer conflict with old prism library
  • some problems in build file

v1.0 (16/03/2019)

  • Initial version