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Display JoomRSS Feed List in frontend

1) What is this ?

RSS is a free service offered by CNN for non-commercial use, offers feeds of story headlines in XML format ("RSS Content") to visitors to (the "CNN Site") who use RSS aggregators. These Terms of Use govern your use of the RSS service. The use of the RSS service also is subject to the terms and conditions of the CNN Interactive Service Agreement, which governs the use of CNN's websites, information services and content.  
The RSS service may be used only with those platforms from which a functional link is made available that, when accessed, takes the viewer directly to the display of the full article on the CNN Site. You may not display the RSS Content in a manner that does not permit successful linking to, redirection to or delivery of the applicable CNN Site web page. You may not insert any intermediate page, splash page or other content between the RSS link and the applicable CNN Site web page.

2) Set it up

To create a Menu for JoomRSS, go to Backend Joomla >> Menu >> Main Menu >> Add New Menu Item , then click on blue buttons "Select"
add menu item joomrss
A pop-up Menu Manager to create new menu item will appear:
menut item type joomrss
In Details Section, there are options: 
  • Menu Item Type: The title of the menu item that will display in the menu. Click on <<Select>> to choose the item in a pop-up:
  • Link: Link for this menu.
  • Target Window: Target browser window when the menu item is clicked.
  • Template Style: Select a specific template style for this menu item or use the default template.
  • Menu Location: Shows which menu a link will appear in.
  • Parent Item: Select a Parent Item.
  • Ordering: The menu item will be placed in the menu after the selected menu item.
  • Status: Set publication status.
  • Default Page: Sets this menu item as the default or home page of the site. You must have a default page set at all times.
  • Access: The access level group that is allowed to view this item.
  • Language: Assign a language for this item.
In JoomRSS Page Settings section, there are options: 

menut item page settings joomrss
  • Subheading: The text shows underneath the RSS Feeds Listing.
  • Image: The featured image for JoomRSS page.
  • Image Align: Align for featured image.
  • Description Option: The global value can be found at Components > JoomRSS > Settings. If you select option "from description text bellow", you need to write in Description option.
  • Exclude Feeds: Select feeds which will not be displayed.
  • Description: RSS Syndicate Page Description. Use {RSS} for RSS Feeds listing. Leave blank for no description (only RSS Feeds listing).
In Link Type option, there are options:
  • Link Title Attribute: An optional, custom description for the title attribute of the menu hyperlink.
  • Link CSS Style: An optional, custom style to apply to the menu hyperlink.
  • Link Image: An optional image to be used with the menu hyperlink.
  • Add Menu Title: If the optional image is added, adds the menu title next to the image. Default is 'Yes
  • In Page Display Section, there are options:
  • Browser Page Title: Optional text for the &quot; Browser page title&quot; element. If blank, a default value is used based on the Menu Item Title.
  • Show Page Heading: Show / Hide the Browser Page Title in the heading of the page ( If no optional text entered - will default to value based on the Menu Item Title ). The Page heading is usually displayed inside the &quot;H1&quot; tag.
  • Page Heading: Optional alternative text for the Page heading.
    Page Class: Optional CSS class to add to elements in this page. This allows CSS styling specific to this page.

In Metadata section, there are options:

  • Meta Description: An optional paragraph to be used as the description of the page in the HTML output. This will generally display in the results of search engines.
  • Meta Keywords: An optional comma-separated list of keywords and/or phrases to be used in the HTML output.
  • Robots: Robots Instructions.
  • Secure: Selects whether or not this link should use SSL and the Secure Site URL.

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