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Definitions and Glossary for JoomMarketing

This is the glossary and definitions of terms used in our documentation.

If you see something that is not here that you want the meaning to please let us know and we will add it.

A/B or Split Testing

Testing of one version of something against another. &This type of testing can include hugely different versions of something or small details changes, such as a font-size or colour.  It measures the effectiveness of one version against another.  In JoomMarketing you can save different versions of pages using the "Save as Copy" button, then just make the appropriate changes in the copy and rename the copy.  After the first split test has been done, small detail changes can be made to the most successful version so that it can be tested later in the Campaign or in the next Campaign.

API's (Application Programming Interface's)

API's provide a means for programs to communicate, either one way or in both directions. This way they can provide links, which are system building blocks.


A method for communicating to the public (or a sector of it) to promote a product or service through a particular medium, in this case online, in order to obtain cusomers.  They don't just have to be advertising;  they can include video demonstrations, templates, checklists,etc. Each Campaign may have completely different objectives, such as introducing something new;  increasing existing sales or awareness;  improving understanding or reputation. Good Campaigns will follow a theme and include many Touch Points.  A successful Campaign is one element of your Marketing Strategy and should be researched, documented, strategic and detailed and has a time frame.

Conversion Rate

This is the rate at which leads follow a Call To Action.  In JoomMarketing this could include any number of things like - registering to recieve an E-book, create an account, logging in, purchase something, etc..


Client Relationship Management.  Usually refers to an electronic system (though it can be manual) that records all information the information your organisation knows about each lead, so that you can better serve their needs and wants.  It also tracks and documents all of the Lead Managment process. It enables any team member to look at a client record and see what has been happening (their preferences, activity history, problems and concerns) for each lead/customer, it also enables many different parts of the Lead Management process to be analysed and improved.


collection of information that is stored electronically (like and electronic filing cabinet) so it can be eaily accessed and maintained by a computer program.  A database consists of tables that each contain one type of information about an event, something or someone.


Domain Name Servers - a directory of domain names and their related IP (Internet Protocol) addresses so the interent browsers know where to go to find your website.  Each Domain Name (website address - like can have more than one IP, but only one set of DNS entries per Domain Name.

Landing Page

A website page that serves as an entry point for a website. One website can have more than one Landing Page.  Other terms that mean the same thing are Lead Capture Page or Squeeze Page. They usually capture the attention of potential clients, used as a sales page for one particular product or service (often something that is free that they want) so the visitor will provide their details to you to receive the free thing, you can then contact them in the future, via Email.


a potential client/customer that responds to a Lead Generation activity (which can include referrals) directly or indirectly (through a third-party).  When they initially enter the Lead Management process they are unqualified and may not even fit your Target Market.  In the context used in JoomMarketing they may have been converted into a customer or client also.

Lead Generation

The act or process of acquiring the details of prospective customers.  It usually includes a free object they can download after they provide their Email address. The conversion rate from this to customers maybe lower for some organisations.

Lead Managment

Methods, systems and practices to generate new business from new and existing clients/customers;  these include lead generation, customer inquiry and capture, segmentation and nurturing - interactions and experiences (both electronic and physical) between your organisation and the lead.  Other terms that mean the same thing are Customer Acquisition.  It is aimed at knowing exactly what your target market want, tracking how they find you, providing them things that will encourage them to begin and continue to engage with you and your organisation.

Marketing Funnel

The visual representation of a series of sales ideally would proceed in a logical flow.  It is the marketing system you want customers to go through from becoming a prospect to a repeat customer.  Other terms that mean the same thing are Sales Funnel, Conversion Funnel, Sales Grinder, Purchase Funnel or Sales Plan.  The theory is that the largest number of people (prospective customers) begin at the top of the funnel, with the lowest priced offering you have and ends with the smallest number of people who are already existing customers who purchase the most expensive offering you have.


A computer software testing environment, it is a simulated enviroment that is separated from the live system but acts in the same way.  It protects the live or real program from processing transactions in reality, it is used to make sure instructions behave exactly as they are expected to and if they don't then the appropriate fixes can be made before that instruction (or set of instructions) goes into the live environment.

Target Market

A particular group of consumers or organisations that are best suited to be customers of your business and are more likely to buy from you.  They share similar characteristics, (such as location, age, profession, problems or challenges, personality traits, attributes, etc.) which your organisation markets to.


A Lead Generation object that helps convert more leads into prospects. It is a irresistible, quality, low risk paid offer - low cost to the lead (less than $35), which encourages people to provide you their email address.  People who buy your Tripwire are 7 to 10 times more likely to make another purchase in the future.  For it to work well the offer needs to not only meet the criteria above but also provide high value to the lead (physical items have a perceived higher value, such as books and they only pay shipping), and make them feel silly to not take up the offer.  Some marketers say it should scare you to offer it.
A tripwire can be used to test the interest for a new product or service before effort has gone into fully completing it's creation and implementation.  It can also be used to prequalify leads.

Cron Job Starts

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