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JoomMap v4 - Ready for Joomla 4


We have updated the best map directory for Joomla to version 4. this new version of JoomMap comes with many improvements and compatibility for Joomla 4 only !

We will still be supporting and providing limited support (no feature requests) to JoomMap for Joomla 3, until Joomla 3 becomes End of Life on August 17th, 2023.

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JoomIdentity v1.3.0 - Users Expiration Control


We have updated the best users identity verifier extension for Joomla to 1.3.0 version. this new version of JoomIdentity comes with new features !

What's new ?

  • Ability to add user to an extra Joomla group on verification
  • Ability to set user expiration date on verification
  • User will be automatically deleted from extra group on date expiration (by cronjob task)
  • Allow/disallow reviewed user to deleted files
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JoomProject v1.6 with 11 new features - Internal navigation, Fullscreen mode and more ...

JoomProject v1.6 with 11 new features - Internal navigation, Fullscreen mode and more ...

Good news for JoomProject users, a new version of the best Joomla component for projects management is available for update, this version brings 11 new features with many improvements and fixes.

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JoomRecipe - New recipes layout and drop of mailto integration


We have updated the best recipes and cookbook extension for Joomla to version. this new version of JoomRecipe comes with many improvements and 4 new features.

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JoomCRM v1.1.7 - documents categories & new backend dashboard UI

JoomCRM v1.1.7 - documents categories & new backend dashboard UI

The best CRM component for Joomla CMS has received yet another update, 1.1.7, which brings new 6 new features and improvements and some bug fixes.

What's new?

  • Manage documents in categories
  • Ability to display documents grouped by categories or as data table [Deal, Company, Person View]
  • Ability to filter by category [Documents view]
  • New dashboard UI/UX [Backend]
  • New dashboard use Jlayout for better reuse [Backend]
  • Sidebar menu improved [Dashboard] [Backend]

More informations about JoomCRM:

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JoomFAQ v1.3.3 - Bootstrap 4 & Joomla custom fields support


Good news for JoomFAQs users, a new version of the best Joomla extension for FAQ management is available for update, this version brings 4 new features with some improvements and bug fixes.

What's new?

  • Namespaced bootstrap 4 support
  • New Dashboard UI/UX
  • Merge module params with global params
  • Joomla custom fields integration in question

More informations about JoomFAQs:

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