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JoomMap v4 - Ready for Joomla 4


We have updated the best map directory for Joomla to version 4. this new version of JoomMap comes with many improvements and compatibility for Joomla 4 only !

We will still be supporting and providing limited support (no feature requests) to JoomMap for Joomla 3, until Joomla 3 becomes End of Life on August 17th, 2023.

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JoomCRM v1.1.7 - documents categories & new backend dashboard UI

JoomCRM v1.1.7 - documents categories & new backend dashboard UI

The best CRM component for Joomla CMS has received yet another update, 1.1.7, which brings new 6 new features and improvements and some bug fixes.

What's new?

  • Manage documents in categories
  • Ability to display documents grouped by categories or as data table [Deal, Company, Person View]
  • Ability to filter by category [Documents view]
  • New dashboard UI/UX [Backend]
  • New dashboard use Jlayout for better reuse [Backend]
  • Sidebar menu improved [Dashboard] [Backend]

More informations about JoomCRM:

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JoomVideos v1.4.0 with many new features and improvements


The best videos manager extension for Joomla CMS has received a new big update, version 1.4.0, which brings 20+ new features and improvements compared to the last version.

Here list of changes:

  • Joomla! Custom fields integration in videos, playlists, channels
  • Namespaced Bootstrap 4 no more conflicts with old Bootstrap versions
  • Vimeo Videos Import [Upload view]
  • Floating video on scrolling [All video players]
  • Swiper carousel instead of OWL Carousel [Modules]
  • Ability to change background color of player container [Video view]
  • Ability to upload remote links and specify type (for directvideo, hls and dash)
  • Ability to enable or disable url format testing in remote videos
  • Ability to enable or disable url status checking in remote videos
  • Ability to show / hide subcategories [Categories module]
  • Ability to show / hide thumbnails [Categories module]
  • Ability to override title, change items count ... and more  [User videos plugin for JomSocial]
  • Display categories dynamically based on current category view id [Categories module]
  • Ability to show or hide empty categories [Categories module]
  • Default image of channel updated
  • Display warning message if no module published in home positions, message can be seen only by super users [Home View]
  • Modules chrome now uses card style [Home View]
  • JLayouts used in modules and many views area for better reuse.
  • UX/UI improved in many views
  • Uploading tab config well organized [Config]
  • Ability to upload private vimeo videos [Vimeo Import]
  • and more ... 
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Easy Jobs Manager v1.2.0 with 6 new features - Bootstrap 4, CareerJet API, Salary Field ... and more


Good news for Easy Jobs Manager users, a new version of the best Joomla component for jobs management is available for update, this version brings 6 new features with many improvements and fixes.

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JoomRecipe v1.2.1.7 with UI improvements


We have updated the best recipes manager component for Joomla to version. this new version comes with many improvements for user interface, also we did fix some bugs.

Check full changelog here
Check product page

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