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JoomGrabber v1.2.4 - New Processor and improved Youtube engine


Good news for JoomGrabber users, a new version of the best Joomla extension for making pipeline of data is available for update, this version brings 5 new features and many improvements.

What's new ?

  • Youtube Engine now use Google API [Youtube Engine plugin]
  • Ability to generate more outputs like description, published date, embed code ... [Youtube Engine plugin]
  • Ability to customize generated embed code [Youtube Engine plugin]
  • Change alias generation mode (automatic based on joomla seo settings config, Unicode slug or transliteration) [Alias processor plugin]
  • New processor let you save image from link and return saved image link [Save Image Processor Plugin]


  • Preview button IU improved of engine in fields mapping [Pipe Edit] [Backend]
  • Content adapter can support single image link in intro_image and full_image inputs [Content Adapter Plugin]
  • Default min/max width changed [Get Images Processor Plugin]
  • CURL follow redirect in both levels  [HTML Parser Processor]

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