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Joomla! Annotated – March 2021


In this march edition of Joomla! Annotated, you can read about the latest release of Joomla and related extensions. As usual, we’ve curated a collection of Joomla-related articles, tools, videos, and streams to share with you.


📰 Official News

🚀 Frameworks & Libraries

  • Yoyo Reactive Framework - New update of the best reactive framework for Joomla CMS.
  • Helix Ultimate 2 Framework - New update of the best Joomla frontend Framework (Brings Toast Notifications, Restructured Menu Builder, Bug Fixes, and Improvements)

🔧 Tools

🔥 Recently Updated Extensions (Free)

  • JCE - A Content Editor for Joomla
  • Kunena Forum - Forum / Bulletin Board / Discussions component for Joomla
  • On a Diet - Disable Joomla Components, Plugins, Modules, Templates en masse
  • BioDiv - Joomla component for biodiversity monitoring through camera traps
  • Custom Tables - Allows you to add Tables, Fields and Layouts/Pages to create a catalog, edit form or details page and more !
  • RSGallery2 - Gallery extension restart from scratch for joomla! 4.x
  • Akeeba Engage - Comments for Joomla articles made easy
  • Phoca Gallery - Joomla component which displays image gallery on website.
  • FlexiContent CCK - Advanced content management system developed to greatly enhance the native article manager of Joomla! (com_content)
  • hCaptcha - A simple CAPTCHA Plugin using the hCaptcha CAPTCHA service to protect your Joomla website against SPAM.
  • Sports Management -  Component for managing many sports

🆕 New Extensions (Free)

  • Data Compliance - A tool to help you work towards EU GDPR compliance for your Joomla site
  • Invalidate Cache - A Joomla module to refresh the mediaversion hash. This effectively invalidates the browsers caches
  • Phoca Filter Options - It adds the ability to filter parameters in configuration options or selected component edit views for Joomla 4
  • Tubeflix - module that displays the content (playlists & videos) of a Youtube channel to your visitors.
  • Phoca Desktop - pugin which adds a desktop with shortcuts to the main administration panel
  • JStats - Track your core Joomla!® metrics & keep your finger on the pulse of your site
  • W7 Read Time - Let your users know an estimate of how much time the are going to spend reading your article.
  • JMG Glossary - Easily create a glossary, encyclopedia or dictionary of your terms and show responsive tooltips when users hover over the terms.
  • JMG Article Slider - This module shows your Joomla! articles as sliders
  • RegAuth - A user plugin that causes an authorization code to be required on the registration form
  • JPageLocker - simple joomla plugin for password locking pages

📖 Articles

📑 Tutorials

📹 Videos

✅ Stats

🗣 Active Social Groups

👨‍💻 PHP

👨‍💻 JavaScript

  • HTMX - library that allows you to access modern browser features directly from HTML, rather than using javascript.
  • Hyperscript - scripting language for doing front end web development
  • VanillaJS vs jQuery vs Hyperscript - Comparisons of how to implement various common UI patterns in vanilla javascript, jQuery and hyperscript
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