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Joomla! Annotated – April 2021


In this april edition of Joomla! Annotated, you can read about the latest release of Joomla and related extensions. As usual, we’ve curated a collection of Joomla-related articles, tools, videos, and streams to share with you.


📰 Official News

🚀 Frameworks & Libraries

🔧 Tools

🔥 Recently Updated Extensions

  • Editors Switcher - This Joomla Plugin allows to dynamically change the active editor in the Joomla CMS.
  • JEM - an Event Manager for Joomla
  • Responsive images for articles - A tiny content plugin that create a few different sized images on the fly and also update the markup to use the well established and supported HTML5 image tag srcset
  • DJ-Notifications - a free Joomla! plugin for system notifications with two new themes + adaptive mode that will automatically adjust the theme to the OS/Browser's mode (Dark/Light).
  • URL Normalizer - Rewrite all internal (and some common external) URLs to match your settings, which greatly helps when migrating a Joomla site from one domain to another and/or for switching from HTTP to HTTPS (or vice versa).
  • SchuWeb Sitemap - sitemap generator for Joomla CMS

🆕 New Extensions

  • Vitality - A Joomla! admin module for Core Web Vitals
  • Social Magick - This plugin allows you to automatically generate Open Graph images for your site's pages, superimposing text and graphics over an image or solid color background.
  • Clean Edit - A system plugin to make editing content in the front end of your Joomla 4 website distraction free.
  • Invalidate Cache - A Joomla module to refresh the mediaversion hash. This effectively invalidates the browsers caches
  • Jiji - Jiji is a System Plugin leveraging the Joomla! 4 webservices by adding custom actions to core Joomla! console without "hacks" using DI Container and other Joomla! 4 advanced capabilities.
  • Sloth - the first SPA/PWA template for Joomla 4
  • Content Custom Filter -  Custom fields filter plugin using Joomla! core features

📖 Articles

📑 Tutorials

📹 Videos

✅ Stats

🗣 Active Social Groups

👨‍💻 More

  • ThemeGlobe -  An unbiased collection of themes and templates for Joomla, Gathered from all the major professional providers and tested through Google Lighthouse
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JoomGrabber v1.3.7 with 3 new features

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