Joomla! Annotated - May 2021


In this may edition of Joomla! Annotated, you can read about the latest release of Joomla and related extensions. As usual, we’ve curated a collection of Joomla-related articles, tools, videos, and streams to share with you.


📰 Official News

📋 Official Reports

🚀 Frameworks & Libraries

🔧 Tools

  • jDumpJoomla Dump like on Laravel and can disabled built-in libraries Jquery, bootstrap, Mootools
  • JComSkeleton - Skeleton for developing Joomla! Components
  • JCB [Updated] - The Component Builder for Joomla is highly advanced tool that is truly able to build extremely complex components in a fraction of the time.
  • DP Docker [Updated] - Docker tasks for Joomla extension development
  • Joomlatools Gitpod - A super simple way to test drive Joomlatools-pages, straight from the browser.
  • 🦁 Juumla [Updated] - python tool designed to identify and scan for version, config files in the CMS Joomla!

🔥 Recently Updated Extensions (Free)

  • QA - A simple, yet effective, Joomla! captcha plugin that uses a question and answer method
  • CharactersCounter - plugin that adds characters counter to some text and textarea fields in back-end.
  • Minitek System Messages - An unobtrusive notification system for Joomla system messages.
  • LittleHelper - Little Helper for Joomla helps administrators set up favicons, htaccess, robots.txt and features clean cache and empty trash
  • Social Magick - an Open Graph Image generator plugin for Joomla 3 and 4
  • TZ Portfolio Plus - An open source advanced portfolio extension for Joomla!
  • Blank Page - All that this component does is display a blank page on the site that is attached to a menu item.
  • Phoca Top Module - a Joomla! CMS module which displays horizontal top menu in Joomla! administration.
  • AgAdvents - A Joomla Component not only for showing an advent calendar. You can display all sorts of image maps. It is responsive
  • Responsive images for articles - A tiny content plugin that create a few different sized images on the fly and also update the markup to use the well established and supported HTML5 image tag srcset
  • On a Diet - Disable Joomla Components, Plugins, Modules, Templates en masse
  • FlexiContent CCK - Advanced content management system developed to greatly enhance the native article manager of Joomla! (com_content)
  • Custom Tables - Allows you to add Tables, Fields and Layouts/Pages to create a catalog, edit form or details page and more !

🆕 New Extensions (Free)

  • CoalaWeb Flair - Joomla extension that lets you display your flair from several StackExchange sites individually or combined into one.
  • jDigest - This plugin implements digest access authentication scheme (RFC 2617 [1])
  • TwoClickPrivacy - This Joomla!-Plugin hides embedded videos and reveales them only on click. This prevents the loading of third-party cookies to protect the users privacy.
  • CF JSFiddle - Joomla! Custom Field to integrate JSFiddle into your Joomla articles
  • Content Custom Filter - Custom fields filter plugin using Joomla! core features.
  • Tags Filter - This Joomla 3.x module allows you to filter your category blog on a chosen tag. The module automatically shows all tags used in your articles for the articles that are published.
  • 4LOGS - simple plugin that lets you manage all log files on your site. You can view, download or delete all log files produced by Joomla or extensions you are using.
  • GoTo Admin Access - simple plugin that allows you to required a URL parameter in order access the Joomla administrator login page.
  • WT SEO Meta templates - Plugin for using variables in the title and meta description tags. Allows you to use templates for the title tag and the description meta tag. Accepts data (including SEO templates ) from additional plugin providers.
  • JLogs - A useful minimal Joomla! extension that helps to find and view the log files with errors right from your Joomla! admin interface. Get access to all your log files from one place.

🎨 Free Templates

  • BioTerminal - Joomla! 4.x Terminal Style Landing Page
  • Slot [Updated] - build on the CMS' own architecture, not against it...
  • Lightning [Updated] - Joomla 4 template using HiQ CSS
  • Master 3 Lite [Updated] - light version of a modern, convenient and flexible template for Joomla! 3, containing a strategic minimum of parameters necessary for the full-fledged operation of the template.

📖 Articles

📑 Tutorials

📹 Videos

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